Before going to see an attorney or lawyer, VPP may be able to help you at a fraction of the cost and can also provide an initial consultation to determine whether one is really

needed or not.  If the issues are overly complicated or involve providing legal counsel or advice, VPP can also assist you with finding an attorney or lawyer who specializes in the area(s) of law that you are affected by. VPP will work with attorneys to handle the below services and filings.

VPP's professional paralegal services include, but are not limited to the following:

Basic Will, Last Will and Testament, Living Will,  Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive

  • Draft and email a simple will, general durable power of attorney, and/or an advanced medical directive.

  • Estate Planning

  • Landlord -Tenant Resolution


Immigration forms, supporting documents, filings, applications and petitions - non -immigrant travel, business and visitation Visa, immigrant Permanent Resident. ("PR or Green Card")

Business Entity 

  • Formation & Business Ventures - Partnerships, Joint Venture Agreements (JVA), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Family Limited Partnership (FLP), Professional Corporation (PC), Doing Business As (DBA), Sole Proprietor.

  • Business Organization and operation inquires.

Personal Injury 

  • Personal injury claim investigation.

  • Preparation and retrieval of medical records.

  • Discovery.

  • Assist with Mediation.

Real Estate Services

  • Residential and Commercial Title Searches for Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County. 

  • Mobile Closings.


VPP will work with your client, and prepare a draft of answers to his or her interrogatories and organize the requested documents for the attorney's review.  At the attorney's request, the paralegal will also make appropriate copies for opposing counsel and arrange for the discovery to be delivered.

Additional  Services Include:

  • Legal research (minimum $55.00) 

  • Virginia Notary Services (Traditional & Electronic)

  • Medical Records Retrieval 

  • Rental Agreements/ Contracts

  • Draft QDRO, TSP, FERS, COAP orders

  • Prepare litigation, trial, and/or exhibit notebooks 

  • Basic Bookkeeping  

  • Office organization set up such as documents, data, and the like.

  • Year-end case or file review/audit

  • General office forms customization

  • Calendar management and synchronization

  • Technology and software: client interview playback recording, Skype, Word, Excel, Access, Google Suite, QuickBooks, PowerPoint presentations, and business website management. 

  • Web Developer Services